Welcome to UKOER10

In only five days time, I’ll be thrilled to be at the opening of the UKOER10 conference. It will be a great chance to consolidate all the amazing work that’s been done under the UKOER banner since the launch of the pilot programme in the spring of 2009.

We’ll be seeing presentations from all across the programme – the three strands (institutional, subject consortium, individual), the support strand and evaluation and synthesis project. These will both be looking back at what has been learnt during the pilot phase, and forward at how UKOER will be continuing and growing in the years to come.

Bookending these programme sessions will be two excellent keynote presentations (from Mary Lou Forward of OCWC and Brian Lamb of the University of British Columbia), helping to put the UKOER work in the context of what is becoming a truly global movement.

Although UKOER10 has been a popular event, we appreciate that a large number of people are not able to attend the day. We’ve looked into a number of “amplification” options, including live streaming, and have decided on the following:

  • use of the #ukoer10 tag for related blogs, updates and images
  • audio recordings of all sessions and keynotes, available a few days after the event
  • a small team of conference bloggers, reflecting here on sessions, keynote addresses and informal conversations with speakers and delegates

We decided against live streaming, as we preferred to concentrate on making reusable resources. All resources around #ukoer10 will be made available under a creative commons license (CC-BY-SA) for use, reuse and repurposing.