JISC sponsoring ePortfolio 2009

JISC is a confirmed Event Partner of the 7th international ePortfolio 2009 Conference taking place in London as part of the Learning Forum London from 22-24 June 2009.

The conference aims to explore the progress made towards the goal set in 2003 in Poitiers, that by 2010 every citizen should have access to an ePortfolio.

The main conference themes are:

  1. ePortfolio, innovation and creativity
  2. ePortfolio, accountability and quality
  3. ePortfolio, education and personal identity construction
  4.  ePortfolio, employability and professional identity development
  5. ePortfolio, organisational learning and knowledge management
  6. ePortfolio, policies and implementation
  7. ePortfolio, technologies and system architectures

See further information about the conference.