JISC sponsored UCISA event: Liaising with researchers

Title:                      SSG Liaising with researchers
Date:                     Wednesday 20 January 2010
Venue:                   Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester
Booking deadline:     Friday 8 January 2010
Cost:                      UCISA Members – £105       Non-Members – £165

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Many institutions are already developing, or are looking to develop, a liaison or relationship management strategy to improve the links between central information services and the departments and divisions of the wider institution. Given limited resources, such liaison work often involves engaging only with a few individuals, who are expected to represent the needs and views of their whole department. Researchers, however, have IT needs that are somewhat different to those of other IT users within their institution. The challenges of liaising with researchers include:

  • Pro-actively engaging with researchers, particularly with those in disciplines which are not traditionally innovative users of IT
  • Ensuring that IT requirements are built into research plans and budgets right from the earliest stages
  • Successfully advocating the benefits of centrally provided facilities compared to local self-managed facilities

A variety of models for liaising with researchers exists within the HE community and an understanding of what constitutes good practise is still developing. Through a combination of presentations and discussion workshops, this event will aim to improve on that understanding and enable delegates to discuss and share good practise where it exists.

If you or others within your institution need to improve your liaison or communication with researchers, then this event should be of interest to you. The event is being run in collaboration with JISC, who hope to commission a study of the various models in use across HE for engagement with researchers. The presentations and workshop discussions would therefore feed into that study and inform future developments in this area.

Sponsored by JISC.