Delegate interview: Do Coyle

Do Coyle is Professor of Learning Innovation at the University of Aberdeen Http:// and, when I caught up with her in the foyer just before lunch, she was still enthusing about Lizbeth Goodman's keynote speech.

“I really enjoyed the keynote this morning because it was slightly out of my normal range and, in particular, because it was looking at disadvantaged groups and how technology can affect them,” said Do.  “I thought it was a really interesting way to start the day and get people thinking. It certainly made me think and relate to some issues I'd not thought about before. It was also a really effective visual presentation and her use of video was excellent. The whole talk  was gentle and meaningful.”

Do was looking forward to attending some of breakout sessions later in the day and was expecting to get more out of them as a result of having listened to Lizbeth.

“It got me into the right frame of mind for the conference – reflective and thinking what spending a day outside your own institution might offer in the way of new ideas and not just new technology but also old technology being used in very innovative and creative ways,” explained Do.