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Guest post from David Lammy MP

Like me, more and more people are using social networking and blogs to communicate with each other as a matter of routine, and it has been great to see the work that JISC is doing to capture that enthusiasm for technology and bring it into teaching, learning and research. The innovative use of technology, including Twitter, video livestreaming, conference podcasts … Read more

Closing keynote speech: Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh, the digital commissioner for 4iP, brought the conference to a close with a challenging and inventive keynote speech about new ways to use emerging interactive technologies in education and how to harness the educational potential of the internet rather than live in dread of it. Incorporating tweets and suggestions he’d received throughout the … Read more

Session: Who should preserve the web?

The internet is like the weather. It changes constantly  – and unless it’s properly archived, each old day in web history is lost forever. But archiving such an ever changing, ever growing, ever-renewing and ever-disappearing universe is a huge and difficult task. Our speakers today helped guide us over some of this rough terrain, as … Read more

JISC question time: Student experiences of technology

The panel: The student’s perspective: Sue Beck, Student, University of Northampton The lecturer’s perspective: Rob Howe, Head of Learning Technology & Media, University of Northampton The senior manager’s perspective: Professor Jeff Haywood, Vice Principal Knowledge Management, Chief Information Officer, Edinburgh University The policy perspective: Sir David Melville, former VC of the University of Kent and … Read more

Demo: Web2practice

Netskills wants your help with its Web2practice guides. The guides are aimed at new users who are thinking about using Web 2.0 tools and, says Steve Boneham of Netskills, they will be partly based on other people’s experience and practice with things like blogging, podcasting, social media and RSS. Netskills are asking everyone who has … Read more

Thank you and close: Dr Malcolm Read

Malcolm closed the conference by saying thank you to all the speakers, breakout session leaders and the 780 people who attended. He asked that everyone fill in the online evaluation form, and said that comments would affect what happened at next year’s conference. The JISC 2010 conference will be held on 13 April, in London … Read more