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JISC 10: Community and collections and the power of the crowd

As the speakers at this seminar demonstrated, there are clear benefits to crowd sourcing and engaging with the community outside university walls. There are excellent (and frequently unexpected) research results.  Engaging with the community helps promote university work to a wider public. There are also considerable profile and prestige benefits. On a more personal level, … Read more

JISC 10: Plenary

The JISC 2010 conference takes place during a period of considerable change. While there are large potential budget cuts on the horizon, the ever-expanding digital world also offers wide opportunities for integrated learning. After a good-humoured introduction to the “umpteenth JISC conference – and the first one held in London this century” from Malcolm Read, … Read more

JISC 10: Demo: PhilPapers

Philpapers is the the only research index for philosophy content only – a crucial service since searching for philosophy content on platforms like Google scholar very rarely works effectively. David Bourget from the School of Advanced Study, University of London led the early morning demonstration of PhilPapers its benefits and uses. Read more

Closing keynote speech: Ewan McIntosh

Ewan McIntosh, the digital commissioner for 4iP, brought the conference to a close with a challenging and inventive keynote speech about new ways to use emerging interactive technologies in education and how to harness the educational potential of the internet rather than live in dread of it. Incorporating tweets and suggestions he’d received throughout the … Read more

Session: Who should preserve the web?

The internet is like the weather. It changes constantly  – and unless it’s properly archived, each old day in web history is lost forever. But archiving such an ever changing, ever growing, ever-renewing and ever-disappearing universe is a huge and difficult task. Our speakers today helped guide us over some of this rough terrain, as … Read more

Delegate interview: Karen Clegg

I interrupted Karen Clegg from Teeside University as she walked through the foyer and asked her what she’d been enjoying at the conference so far today. She told me that since her interest is in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for employer engagement she’d been keen to go to the demonstration by Nyeche Nduka from  … Read more