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JISC 10: The UK National Grid Service

When was the last time you plugged in a kettle and wondered if it had enough electricity to make you a cup of coffee? Yet when working on computation-intensive projects, the issue of having enough computing resources for the project is always a concern. The UK  National Grid Service (NGS) aims to end that concern … Read more

JISC 10: Demo: Visualising China

The challenge: take 20,000 historical images of China, add as much information to them as possible, then create a new Web 2.0-enabled site that enables staff and students to use those images in their work. Simon Price and researchers at the University of Bristol are meeting that challenge right now, thanks to a JISC-funded piece … Read more

JISC 10: Living with IPR

When is someone else’s work safe to use in academic material? As countless headline-grabbing lawsuits have already shown, copyright and intellectual property rights are an increasingly important topic in the internet age and only likely to grow more important in the next few years. Half of all enquiries to JISC’s legal services are related to … Read more

JISC 10: Bridging the gap

On every project that involves more than one discipline, there will be problems with communication. A facilitator who can bridge the gap between disciplines and help co-workers to understand each others’ needs can be vital. But picking a good facilitator can be a challenge. As three facilitators explained during ‘Bridging the Gap’, their role can … Read more

JISC 10: Demo: Monitoring Resource for HPC: Grid SAFE

High-performance and grid computing give students and researchers the potential to work on otherwise unsolvable problems, while using resources as efficiently as possible – which is something everyone needs to consider in an age of ‘green’ computing. However, by pooling computing resources and then sharing them with others, inevitable questions are raised that have so … Read more